A lot of mystery is attached to occult sciences, Numerology being one of them.

Does it work? 

How does it work?

Is it about predications?

Will it help me tell my future?

The truth be told, Numerology is the science of numbers. It is an old Vedic science which has been highlighted in the 21st century mass media and computer age. Today life without a computer or a laptop, a calculator or mobile seems impossible. We are all governed by numbers, from our birth date to our height, weight; our shoe size to our spectacles is a number. Our pulse rate, heartbeat, blood pressure is a number.

Similarly a mobile or land line is a number. Our car, house, email id, website, pin code, address, name of person or company is also a number, as each alphabet represents a number. How to bring these calculations in our day to day life for enhancement of work and self are the blessings and benefits of Numerology. Hence in simple words Numerology is mere calculations, it is pure maths and not magic.

Numerology is a Vedic, ageless, ancient, and mother of all occult sciences. Scope of Numerology is manifold and almost every activity, event, occurrence in an individual’s life or business is governed by numerical analysis and interpretations.
  • "After a 1 to 1 with Biindu Khuraana which also became very personal, Biindu gave me a lot of tips personal & professional. In professional, I did the required changes in my V card & Email ID, signature, etc & Wow it was a miracle. I started my exhibition – Society at World Trade Centre - & sat with the new V cards & too good to be true, I did extremely well from the 1st day onwards, & still continuing to do well, professionally. It really made a difference.
    Thank you Biindu, & God bless you."
  • "Right from our first meeting in May 2012, Biindu suggested a little alphabet replacement in my name and thus we got business enquiries to Beyond HR. She has made herself available full heartedly whenever there was a query or concern for new ventures of dates. Beyond HR strongly recommends Biindu’s numerology services for all those who would like to look at positive business results."

    Jasmine Pirani
    Founder & Principal Consultant
  • "She is so good in numerology that she depicts the person and his moods as he is. The professional and simplest way of explaining and presentation is the key of Biinduji. The solutions given were so effective that we will achieve all our goals. We wish success to her in all her endeavors and hope she gives such good advice to many more people in future."

    Pranav Mazumdar
    For Mangsidesh Investments Pvt. Ltd.