Numerology is a Vedic, ageless, ancient, and mother of all occult sciences. Scope of Numerology is manifold and almost every activity, event, occurrence in an individual’s life or business is governed by numerical analysis and interpretations.

Following are some of the related aspects:

  • Understanding an individual’s personality
  • Selecting compatible partners, in business/personal life
  • Choosing business and product names with positive impact
  • Insight into future through destiny and life number calculations
  • Guidelines on health issues

There are 5 important numbers which encompass our lifestyle, they are:

  • Birth Number
  • Destiny Number
  • Life Number
  • Zodiac Sign Number
  • Name Number

We cannot change Birth or Destiny Number, but we can alter Name Number by Spelling it differently (if need be) to enhance the vibrations of Name or Surname.

The services provided by MANN are very accurate, precise and confidential.


1- Guidelines on health issues

Through the date of birth we can reach your health issues or forewarn you about any health hazards you are likely to have along with some food, herbs and health tips. We conduct many health related talk shows especially for senior citizens or middle age health crisis and help them stabilize or achieve good health.

2- Guide lines to your profession, career or subjects of interest.

Birth, Destiny and name numbers, help us in deciding our right profession or upgrade our current profession by calculating the right numbers and colours on the visiting cards through email, website, address, contact number calculations. We counsel many 10th and 12th standard students for the correct career options through accurate calculations.

3- Calculating new born baby names.

I believe god gifts us our children and we in return gift them with an auspicious name. Right calculations of names help in prosperous beings as we cannot make any date of birth changes. This science is very beneficial to parents to encourage their child in the right interests as each child cannot be a sportsperson or scientist or musician etc.

4- Numerology and Gynaecology

We also work closely with the infertility gynaecology department to enable our clients through our calculations to get auspicious and favourable months, dates, days and time to conceive. In addition we can choose a day, date and time in the case of caesareans.

5- Choosing business and product names with positive impact for enhancing business.

6- Selecting compatible partners for personal and business life. Along with ideal match making us also provide guidance for business partnership, percentage of business shares, number of partners etc.

7- Personal analysis of self, to know positive and negative characteristics, self learning.

8- Lucky numbers, days, dates, directions, gemstones, colours, months and years which can be utilised in day to day life.

9- How to read people or understand others through numbers which help in business, personal and inter-personal relationships.

In simple words a one number. (Sun) person is punctual, disciplined, and straight forward and research oriented like Mr. Two number. (Moon) person is creative, co-operative, imaginative and loyal and good hosts like Mr. Three number. (Jupiter) are law abiding, leaders and great sales persons like Mr. Four number (Uranus/ rahu) are innovative. Have good oratory skills and work well with computers like Mr. Five number( mercury) are business persons, do multitasking and great mediators like Mr. Six number persons (Venus) are luxury loving, blessed with money, romantic and magnetic people like Mr. Seven number (Neptune) people are dreamers, visualisers and philosophical. They travel from birth place to a water body like Mr. Eight number. (Saturn) are service oriented, responsible, hardworking and honest like Mr. Nine number (mars) are bold, aggressive, sporty and courageous like Mr.

Numerology is a Vedic, ageless, ancient, and mother of all occult sciences. Scope of Numerology is manifold and almost every activity, event, occurrence in an individual’s life or business is governed by numerical analysis and interpretations.
  • "After a 1 to 1 with Biindu Khuraana which also became very personal, Biindu gave me a lot of tips personal & professional. In professional, I did the required changes in my V card & Email ID, signature, etc & Wow it was a miracle. I started my exhibition – Society at World Trade Centre - & sat with the new V cards & too good to be true, I did extremely well from the 1st day onwards, & still continuing to do well, professionally. It really made a difference.
    Thank you Biindu, & God bless you."
  • "Right from our first meeting in May 2012, Biindu suggested a little alphabet replacement in my name and thus we got business enquiries to Beyond HR. She has made herself available full heartedly whenever there was a query or concern for new ventures of dates. Beyond HR strongly recommends Biindu’s numerology services for all those who would like to look at positive business results."

    Jasmine Pirani
    Founder & Principal Consultant
  • "She is so good in numerology that she depicts the person and his moods as he is. The professional and simplest way of explaining and presentation is the key of Biinduji. The solutions given were so effective that we will achieve all our goals. We wish success to her in all her endeavors and hope she gives such good advice to many more people in future."

    Pranav Mazumdar
    For Mangsidesh Investments Pvt. Ltd.