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Understand What Forms The Spiritual Core Of 'MANN' & Why We Accurately Deliver Results Consistently

It's All About The Mind

MANN means the Mind.

Holistic Approach

Explanation about the Holistic Approach.

Harnessing +ve Energy

Explanation about Harnessing +ve Energy.


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Principal Consultant Numero-Vaastu & Signalyst (PHD).

First Numero-Vaastu Consultant & Signalyst of India with an experience of 10 grand years, a Gold Medalist, Ph.D. Holder, Author of 5 books, operating from an office in Atria Mall, Worli. I talk about Numbers, Maths & Calculations, Placements & Directions, Brands, Logos & Visiting Cards. I have worked with 75 builders & more, about 550+ Restaurants & Hotels, approximately 700+ jewelers, 10 Banks, very many companies & brands, have Appeared in magazines such as Mothers World, Today’s Women, Wow, Newspapers such as Mumbai Mirror, Mayapuri, Free Press Journal, India Today & TV presentations on AstroVani on Zee, Amazon Flix Tv Serials regularly...My database of clientele is over 6 Lac Persons.....from a newborn to a teenager, to a business or personal partnership, from company naming to a factory or house Vaastu to designing a logo or creating a visiting card from car or mobiles numbers to naming brands & banks I have done it all, My company’s name is MANN...have been the Winner of very many Awards - Nostradamus Awards in Bangkok, Bharat Bhushan Award In Delhi-2019, Wow, Ishma, Inspire, International Speaker’s Award, Woman with Substance, Special Achievers Award, Woman of the year, BNI achievements certificates.

My belief is “Destiny is Now in Our Hands

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Frequently Asked Question

What is Numerology?

Numerology is high lighted in today’s times as it’s a Mass Media & Communication Age & we cannot work without our laptops, computers, calculators, or mobiles. Numbers are something we all understand. Life is all about maths & calculations right from the time we are born to our day, date, height, weight, figure, BP, Pulse rate, heartbeat, appointments, arrivals, departures, car, house, mobile, office numbers to even our spectacles & shoe number. Maths is the only subject we can score full marks. Knowing our significant numbers through our dob is the brilliant science of Numerology. It’s like our personal GPS, what, how, where & when these numbers work. We can rule if we know our personal maths in life.

How does Numerology work?

Numerology has two parts one is the date of birth which cannot be altered & the second is are name number which can be altered to achieve good and positive total. The date of birth contains our mystery of nature, characteristics, health, relation, finance, careers, match making(personal/business), our lucky numbers, good days, dates, months, years, lucky color, directions, gemstones & remedies.

When do we see the result?

We see the result from 21 days onwards and up to 3 months. A practice of 108 times for 7 days in name numbers is recommended.

What details are required for analysis?

Details such as full name, surname, signature & Date of birth are required.

What is the significance of Signatures?

Signature is destiny on paper the way one signs is the way one creates his/ her own destiny. The journey between a scribble & an autograph is a signature. Minor corrections in signature one can make major changes in life in just 21 days. Signature is truly a mirror of our souls.

How does Vaastu work?

Vaastu is “Vaas Karna “ the energy of how we stay (residence) or how we work (office or factory) Every cabin, room, house, office, the plot of land, building, city, town, or country has energy. Energy can be slow or fast, dead or alive, positive or negative, young or old. It is based on the 5 elements of nature - Water, Wind, Fire, Sky & Earth. When we believe in God, we believe in nature & when we say “Bhagwan “ we actually mean - Bh- Bhoomi (earth), G - Gagan (sky) W - wayu (wind) A - Agni (fire) & N - neer (water). The balance of the 5 elements is the great science of Vaastu. There are different types of Vaastu that Bharat performs. 1) Vedic Vaastu 2) Astro Vaastu 3) Crystals Vaastu 4) Gemstones Vaastu 5) Pyramid Vaastu 6) Colour Vaastu 7) Feng shui 8) Numero Vaastu.

Do I need to do any construction changes to accommodate Vaastu?

No structural changes needed but if Vaastu is not good then remedies are suggested as per yantras, Crystals, Pyramid, etc.

Do I necessarily need remedies?

No, you do not necessarily need remedies but natural things like sunlight, air, adding water body, salt therapy, enhance the Vaastu also.

How do Gemstones work?

Gemstones work magically they are suggested as per your date of birth, the right finger to wear, the carat weight, the day/date/time to wear, and energized through mantras and yantras. Gemstones can be in the form of pendant, ring, or bracelet.

Does Numerology help to better my business?

In business profiling we calculate the company name, mobile number(60% of business comes from mobile number), email id, website, address, Fb page, Instagram, twitter all are calculated to bring us more business. A business card should bring business, the right calculation(numerology), the right colors(color therapy), right placement(Vaastu) bring prosperity. A logo is our symbol, pechan, identity. A logo speaks for ourselves, a numerologically create logo enhances business.