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It's All About The Mind

MANN means the Mind..... Mind is the largest organ of our zone. It connects the Body & the Soul... When our mind is not at ease the body will get a disease. When mine is active we are full of energy & positivity & vice versa ... Our thoughts are created in the Mind, which changes to our feelings & emotions which get reflected in our words & get channelized into our actions which determines our Destiny hence we can say that “Destiny is Now in Our Hands“. There are 21 Occult or Mind Sciences written in our Rig Vedas eg Astrology, Vaastu, Numerology, Graphology, Reikhi, Chakras, Yoga, Palmistry, etc & many different therapies & remedies. Numerology is high lighted in today’s times as it’s a Mass Media & Communication Age & we cannot work without our laptops, computers, calculators, or mobiles. Numbers is something we all understand. Life is all about maths & calculations right from the time we are born to our day, date, height, weight, figure, BP, Pulse rate, heartbeat, appointments, arrivals, departures, car, house, mobile, office numbers to even our spectacles & shoe number. Maths is the only subject we can score full marks. Knowing our significant numbers through our dob is the brilliant science of Numerology. It’s like our personal GPS, what, how, where & when these numbers work. We can rule if we know our personal maths in life.