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Harnessing +ve Energy

Vaastu is “Vaas Karna“ the energy of how we stay (residence) or how we work (office or factory). Every cabin, room, house, office, the plot of land, building, city, town, or country has energy. Energy can be slow or fast, dead or alive, positive or negative, young or old. It is based on the 5 elements of nature - Water, Wind, Fire, Sky & Earth... When we believe in God, we believe in nature & when we say “Bhagwan “ we actually mean - Bh- Bhoomi (Earth),  G - Gagan (Sky), W - Wayu (Wind), A - Agni (Fire) & N - Neer (Water). The balance of the 5 elements is the great science of Vaastu.

There are different types of Vaastu that Bharat performs:

  • Vedic Vaastu.
  • Astro Vaastu.
  • Crystals Vaastu.
  • Gemstones Vaastu.
  • Pyramid Vaastu.
  • Colour Vaastu.
  • Feng shui. 
  • Mann has introduced the 8th Vertical called NumeroVaastu Based on numbers - carpet, built up, super built-up, house or office number or plot number & how it influences us (Received a Ph.D. & Bharat Bhushan -2019) for this.